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The Prometheus Group is a company dedicated to serving the outdoor sporting goods industry with top quality products across many different product lines.  Our products include high quality electronic products, gear bags, t shirts, tackle boxes, truck accessories as well as many other promotional items for the partners we represent.

Our team has over 45 years of combined experience in the engineering, manufacturing and sales roles within the hunting and fishing industry.  Our vast knowledge and experience with suppliers, factories and distribution channels within our industry enable us to bring innovative products that are in high demand to our customers.

Our valued partners include OEM clients, product design groups and retailers .  Our company not only aids our partners in manufacturing capabilities, we also aid them in branding and product development.  By offering products such as gear bags, window decals, reel covers and other high visibility products, we are able to increase the brand recognition as well as the brand awareness of our partners products in the field.





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